Resources for Year 5 students

Resources for Year 5 students

Resources are available across all year levels and learning areas, to give children and young people the best opportunity to continue to learn at home.



  • Nrich: Six numbered cubes

    A mathematical challenge involving the addition of numbers marked on cubes arranged in 3D objects

  • Nrich: Super shapes

    A problem solving task involving reasoning about unknown quantities and addition

  • Nrich:Number differences

    A problem solving activity exploring addition and properties of odd and even numbers

  • Number Guessing with Algorithms

    Play a number guessing game, then think about the best way to play the game to win. Create a set of instructions, anyone can follow, then create an algorithm and use it in a harder version of the game.

  • Oh! Harry!

    A problem solving task investigating the measurement of cylinders using metric units

  • Olympic starters

    Mathematical investigations involving measurement using a stimulus question relating to the Olympics

  • Once in a lifetime (Years 3-5)

    A very short animation that can be used to extract some amazing descriptions from the children. A man is sailing in his boat, through the air with giant, flying turtles.

  • Outback House-School Newspaper

    Sixteen Australians take part in a reality TV show about life on Oxley Downs, a sheep station built to look and work like an 1860s station. Discover how a colonial squatter's children did their schoolwork. Use the 'Things to think about' section as you watch.

  • Paper planes challenge

    A family challenge to construct a squad of paper planes and estimate and measure how far each plane can fly. This challenge draws on understanding of geometry, measurement and data displays

  • Parliament of Western Australia

    The Year 5/6 Student Workbook unveils two characters, Rodney and Macey, who will walk you through the two houses of state Parliament, lead them through the passage of legislation and help them explore their elected members.

  • Perth Zoo - African Safari

    Students take a safari and experience the struggle for survival in the African Savannah. Investigate adaptations and strategies to improve an animal’s ability to eat and avoid being eaten.

  • Perth Zoo - Asian Trek

    Students take a journey through the Asian Rainforest and discover the incredible diversity of life that is found there. Identify the animal adaptations and interactions required to survive in this unique environment.

  • Perth Zoo - Aussie Adventure

    Students explore the many unique and well-adapted Australian animals that call the bush their home. Learn how humans and other factors have affected each animal and how scientific discoveries are helping to ensure their long-term survival.

  • Perth Zoo - Love Your Local Wildlife

    The south-west of Western Australia is a biodiversity hotspot which needs our protection. Students solve conservation challenges to discover the interconnectedness of nature, and how small actions can have big impacts.

  • Printable templates for Mathematics

    Access useful printable items for maths at home such as grid paper, dot paper and number cards

  • Remainders

    A problem solving task involving factors and multiples of numbers

  • Rock – Scissors challenge

    A family challenge to discover mathematical methods that will help play the game better and lead to optimal strategies. This challenge draws on understanding of statistics and probability

  • Round and round the circle

    An investigation of number patterns generated when skip counting

  • Round the dice Decimals 2

    A problem solving activity involving rounding numbers with two decimal places to nearest whole number

  • Route product

    A problem solving task involving multiplication of decimals and small numbers

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Learning resources from across the nation

Learning resources from across the nation

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