STEM in public schools

STEM in public schools

From the moment children start school to the day they graduate, schools are providing them with STEM learning opportunities.

By integrating STEM activities across learning areas and year groups, children are given opportunities to develop the qualifications and skills needed to constantly adapt in a dynamic and evolving employment landscape.

Discover some of the amazing work schools are doing to engage children in STEM. 

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Girls in STEM

Research shows that in Years 5 and 6, girls’ perception of STEM subjects and STEM based learning begins to change.

They may start to lose confidence, believing that STEM is something only boys do well – and not an area in which girls excel. This perception continues throughout school and into career choices after graduation.

Even more alarming, are the many myths and misconceptions in society about what girls do, and don’t do well. This is reinforced by the under-representation of girls in STEM related jobs.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In order to meet the needs of a dynamic workforce centred on innovation and creativity, girls represent a unique perspective and untapped talent. We need all young people to be learning STEM skills and qualifications to ensure Australia’s competitiveness on the world stage.

Our schools are empowering girls from a young age, challenging these myths and misconceptions, and showing them that STEM can help them change the world.