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Premier's ANZAC Student Tour

As a secondary school student, your child has the chance to travel overseas as part of the Premier’s ANZAC Student Tour.

Students visit commemorative sites and battlefields of significance to Australians. While overseas, students also attend a number of ANZAC Day commemorative events.

Students wishing to take part complete a selection process which includes a written essay about the development of ANZAC Day as a commemorative event of significance. Students selected to proceed to the next phase of the competition prepare a five minute speech based on their essay. A small group of students is then chosen to go on the tour.

Selected students are ambassadors for Western Australia and help continue the ANZAC tradition when they return to their schools and communities. The tour is part of the commitment by public schools to enshrine ANZAC Day as a day of importance to all students.

For more information visit our ANZAC Student Tour site.