School psychologists

School psychologists

School psychologists play a key role in supporting students, parents, teachers and school administrators.

With around 500 school psychologists in public schools across Western Australia, we are the largest employer of psychologists in the state. Over the next four years, we are committed to increasing this by an additional 100 psychologists to further support our public schools.

Our school psychologists work at a whole school level with school leaders and staff, students, parents, the community and interagency partners. This includes assessment, consultation and intervention with individuals and groups.

Working in a range of educational settings, school psychologists provide services in the areas of mental health and wellbeing, disability, behaviour, learning and motivation, incident management, change management and organisational development.

Our public schools are diverse, which means our students and their needs vary considerably. As a school psychologist, you have the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of many young people.

We have recently made changes to our qualification requirements. Please see 'Qualifications, eligibility and registration' or join one of our live chats for more information.

School Psychology in WA - Live chats

Join our live chat to find out about a career in our School Psychology Service including support, benefits, and our highly regarded Graduate Induction Program.

Working as a school psychologist on Christmas and Cocos Islands

Join school psychologist Sarah-Ann Lee and lead school psychologist Rebecca Bennett to hear more about this unique role in a remote area.

Being a school psychologist is highly rewarding and has many benefits including a competitive starting salary, Board approved supervision, ongoing professional development opportunities and a highly regarded two-year Graduate Induction Program.

Opportunities for our school psychologists include:

  • career development into senior positions and leadership roles
  • flexibility for part-time work arrangements
  • the possibility to work in specialised settings
  • access to housing support in select regional areas, and
  • travel concessions in some locations.

Our school psychologists can access:

  • professional resources
  • collegiate networking
  • professional learning opportunities.

Our graduates and all new school psychologists are provided with comprehensive, fully funded support:

  • Psychology Board of Australia approved supervision for graduates completing the 4+2 or 5+1 internship program; and
  • a two-year Graduate Induction Program of professional learning.

In Western Australian public schools, you will be eligible to work as a school psychologist if you:

  • hold or are eligible for general registration with the Psychology Board of Australia; or
  • hold or are eligible for provisional registration with the Psychology Board of Australia with:
    • an APAC-accredited 5th year qualification in psychology; or
    • an APAC-accredited 4th year qualification and a recognised qualification in teaching (or Graduate Diploma in School Psychology).

Please refer to the Psychology Board of Australia website for information about:

  • the retirement of the 4+2 internship program
  • overseas qualifications
  • approved programs of study (with the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council)
  • eligibility for registration as a psychologist.

In addition to our employment eligibility requirements, school psychologists must be registered with the Psychology Board of Australia. Registration with the Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia is not required to work as a school psychologist. 

Our Leap program gives graduate and experienced psychologists an opportunity to learn about the work of psychologists in schools.

The first week focuses on school-specific psychological interventions and how psychologists work directly, indirectly and at a whole school level to improve outcomes for students in public schools. 

You will then be given the opportunity to work alongside experienced school psychologists in a metropolitan area for the second week and gain hands on experience working in schools.

Our Leap program is suitable for:

  • psychologists with general registration with the Psychology Board of Australia, looking to make a ‘leap’ into a school psychology career;
  • graduates of five-year psychology programs (such as a Master of Professional Psychology) who didn’t complete a placement in the school education sector; and
  • graduates of four-year psychology programs who have a teaching qualification but no ‘hands on’ experience.

Our Leap program is fully-funded and if you are currently teaching in a public school you may be eligible for reimbursement for travel, accommodation and relief cover.

Program dates:

  • Monday 8 November – Friday 19 November 2021
  • Monday 21 February – Friday 4 March 2022
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As highly skilled and experienced practitioners, Advanced Skills School Psychologists demonstrate exemplary practice in the delivery of psychological and specialist support services to schools. They contribute to influencing the system and the school psychology profession.

Advanced Skills School Psychologist status recognises expert knowledge and exemplary standards of professional practice. Those who achieve this status are part of a select group of highly skilled school psychology professionals in the Department. School psychologists achieving this status have attained all the competency standards at Phase 3 of our Competency Framework for School Psychologists.

Senior School Psychologist status recognises the professional skills and competencies of experienced practicing school psychologists at Phase 2 of our Competency Framework for School Psychologists.

Lead School Psychologists support the professional practice of school psychologists in over 800 public schools, with the Department's Chief Psychologist, Chris Gostelow, as the leader of the School Psychology Service.

They undertake a key region and system role in supporting the professional practice of school psychologists. Lead School Psychologists also work with Regional Executive Directors and provide advice to the system on the most complex of cases.

Become a school psychologist

Become a school psychologist

For more information on how you can become a school psychologist, speak to our careers team on 9402 6435 or

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