Code of conduct

Code of conduct

We promote ethical practice and appropriate standards of conduct and behaviour. We are committed to teaching, learning and working environments where all individuals are treated with respect and dignity.

The actions of staff are to be guided by our values which reflect the social responsibilities owed to students, parents and carers, communities, stakeholders and each other.

Our Code of conduct is built on the following shared values and our workplace behaviours:

  • purposeful
  • connected
  • high performing
  • ethical leadership.

These values and behaviours are at the core of everything we do and every decision we make.



We believe a good education is the bedrock upon which everything else stands. We do not take this responsibility lightly and feel privileged to be part of it.

We act in the best interest of students and the community at all times.

We are accountable and honest and have strong ethical and moral principles.



We recognise the different circumstances, needs and aspirations of students and staff.

We strive for learning and work environments that are free from racism, discrimination, bullying, abuse or exploitation.

We believe in more than one path to success and our purpose is to help every child find theirs.



We attentively listen to each other and our students, families, communities and stakeholders.

We encourage honest and respectful expression of ideas and diversity of thought.

We empower the voice of children and young people to be partners in their education.



We commit to learning about the diverse histories, experiences and worldviews of Aboriginal people.

We create culturally safe learning and work environments, and culturally responsive services, free from racism and discrimination.



We support, encourage and inspire each other and value the contribution of all.

We champion trust and inclusivity.

We recognise the importance of collaboration to help students achieve their best.



We practise mutual respect and accept our responsibility to develop and maintain appropriate relationships.

We are attentive and considerate.

We strive to keep ourselves, others and our resources safe.



We have a positive approach to learning and encourage it in others.

We advance student learning based on our belief that all students have the capacity to learn.