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School leadership roles

We offer exciting opportunities and pathways for teachers with leadership capabilities to further their careers.

Outstanding classroom practitioners can be rewarded to stay in the classroom becoming expert mentors and/or curriculum leaders or can choose to pursue school leadership roles.




There is a range of leadership roles in our schools. 

Level 3 Classroom Teachers are recognised and remunerated for their exemplary teaching practices and demonstrated teacher leadership. They play an important role in school and system improvement.

Heads of learning area are curriculum leaders in secondary schools. They also have line management responsibilities for the teachers in their teams. Program Coordinators are responsible for specific programs in their school such as student service or coordination of vocational education and training.

Deputy principals assist the principal with managing the school. Some deputies may manage the school’s human resources or the middle school in a large secondary school.

Principals are responsible for the overall management of schools. They maximise opportunities for teachers and students to be successful. They advocate for the school and deliver local education solutions to the aspirations and demands of parents and the wider school community.

There are many great job opportunities in education.

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