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Relocation support packages and visa sponsorship options are available for qualified teachers who are citizens of the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Canada and South Africa.

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Qualified teachers – UK, Republic of Ireland, Canada and South Africa

Join us and shape the future of young people and their communities in public schools across Western Australia.

We are currently recruiting qualified, experienced teachers to work in schools across the state. We can offer a range of visa sponsorship options and a generous relocation support package.

If you accept an appointment in a school you are eligible for a range of relocation support including:  

  • flights for you and your family to Australia, and to your new location
  • payment for the relocation of your furniture and effects
  • up to 8 weeks fully funded accommodation on arrival
  • payment or reimbursement of visa costs
  •  a culturally responsive and robust induction – which will familiarise you with our curriculum, behaviour management and inclusion strategies, as well as providing wellbeing support.
  • free or subsidised housing, depending on availability and the location of your appointment
  • reimbursement of essential household items, of up to $10,000 (subject to approval).

If you have working rights and are appointed directly to a school, outside of the pool process, you may still be eligible for free or subsidised housing

Benefits and allowances depend on your school and can be viewed using our
benefits calculator.

Apply to our International Teacher Pool to be considered for vacancies throughout regional Western Australia, without the need to apply for each individual location.

Qualified teachers with a minimum of 2 years of qualified teaching experience (gained in the past 5 years) may be eligible to receive temporary visa sponsorship. This is for up to 4 years on a temporary work visa, which can lead to permanent sponsorship. We will fully fund visa application and nomination costs, including any qualifications assessment you require. We can also support you to progress through to a permanent sponsored visa, after working in our public schools.

Note that depending on the visa sponsorship requirements you may be restricted to working in the same role and location for the period of your sponsorship (up to 4 years).

If you do not have the required 2 years of teaching experience, you may be eligible to teach whilst on an extended holiday with a Working holiday visa.

If you’re a New Zealand citizen you are able to work in Australia and may be eligible for mutual recognition with the Teachers Registration Board, if you hold current teacher registration in New Zealand.

Our schools fill teaching vacancies in different ways, depending on the location of the school, and the tenure of the position. As a New Zealand trained secondary teacher, you can apply for jobs in metropolitan, rural and regional schools directly, or for regional schools through our New Zealand Teacher Pool.

By applying to the pool you can select all locations across regional Western Australia that interest you, without needing to submit multiple applications. This is a great way of expressing your interest for a range of positions and increasing your employment opportunities.


International Teacher Pool

International Teacher Pool

Our public schools are all across our vast state, offering you opportunities to live and teach in incredible locations. Come and join us.

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