School hours

School hours

Each school determines its hours to suit the local needs of the community and to meet legislation requirements.

Schools are open from Monday to Friday over four separate terms during the year. View our current term dates.

Minimum hours for learning include:

  • Kindergarten: minimum 15 hours each week
  • Pre-primary to Year 10: minimum 25 hours and 50 minutes each week
  • Years 11 and 12: hours are flexible and determined by the principal to meet student needs.

Please talk with the school to find out the start and finishing times.

School development days and pupil free days

Our staff are the most valuable resource in our schools. To ensure they have the opportunity to develop and learn, schools schedule school development days.

These days (also known as pupil free days) are days when teachers, school leaders and support staff can hone and improve their skills. Children do not attend school on these days.

While three days are scheduled over the Christmas/New Year break, an additional three days are scheduled throughout the school year. The dates are different for each school and are chosen in consultation with the school council/board and the school community.

Please talk with the school to find out when its school development days have been rostered.