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Public schools

Delivering excellence in teaching and learning

Public schools provide your children with the very best education and support from some of the most experienced teachers and support staff in Australia.

Our teachers influence the lives of hundreds of thousands of children every day. From young children just starting school, right through to young adults graduating from school, our teachers inspire students from all walks of life, from all backgrounds and from all communities across Western Australia.

Leading our schools

All public schools are managed by a principal who leads a team of high quality teachers and skilled school support staff.

Principals have great flexibility and control over the directions of their schools and how they use available resources and services to benefit their students. They work with their staff, their parents and their communities to determine priorities for student learning.

Schools also work closely with other schools, not only within their area but also across the State. They work together to ensure students progress smoothly from primary to secondary schooling, to provide a wide range of courses and subjects for student to study, and to share resources, facilities and expertise.

Schools encourage parent participation and involvement, and there are many different ways to get involved in your children's school.