Psychology practicum opportunities

Psychology practicum opportunities

We have a long and proud history of supporting external practicum placements for students with an interest in becoming school psychologists.

Master of Professional Psychology (MPP) postgraduate programs of study require at least 300 hours of practicum and skills training. Most universities use an external practicum placement to support this training, although some use simulation or university clinics.

With over 800 public schools in 8 education regions across the state, we provide MPP students with comprehensive and highly valuable professional experiences through our pre-service development program. Our practicum placements include access to tailored professional learning, networking opportunities and ongoing support from:

  • experienced school psychologist mentors
  • Psychology Board of Australia approved supervisors
  • lead school psychologists
  • school leaders.

We strongly encourage students to consider placement in one of our regional areas and we provide funding to offset some of the costs associated with relocation for the period of your placement. Students completing a regional placement enjoy a unique experience. You’ll be part of the regional team and you’ll get to travel within the region, experiencing a range of school settings. You’re likely to meet early career psychologists who are just starting their school psychology journey and you can network with pre-service teachers as well as access additional professional learning.

Practicum opportunities are available to students from local universities and to other 5th and 6th-year postgraduate students by arrangement. We work with university course coordinators to provide information to students and welcome enquiries by email at