Explore the story behind the artwork in our strategic directions for public education in Western Australia.

Eight individual pieces, each telling a story of our students, staff, parents and community, come together to create one interconnected work of art.

The red, black and gold line weaving through all the art pieces represents the Songlines, stories and songs that connect all areas of our beautiful state together.

It also serves as an Acknowledgement of Country to all traditional custodians of the lands on which our students live and are educated.

Our strategic directions for public schools 2020-2024.

Meet the artist: Rosie Paine

My name is Rosie Paine and I am a Yilka woman from Cosmo Newberry, an Aboriginal community in the north eastern Goldfields of Western Australia. I am a proud Noongar/Yamatji/Wongutha woman.

I currently work as a Deputy Principal at Sheoak Grove Primary School.

Artwork content grid

Early learning and intervention

Enabling access and engagement for students, parents and communities to quality early childhood education including intervention where required

At the bottom right of the artwork is the large circles of dots which symbolises students, parents and families coming together.

The small and large 'U' shapes represent the students, parents and communities working alongside each other to enable access and engagement for students, parents and communities to quality early childhood education.

The lines (straight and curved) leading in and out symbolises the interventions that may be required to enable this access and engagement.

Foundational skills

Supporting the development of all students throughout their entire education and beyond

The 'U' shapes represent the students. The progression from the smaller 'U' shapes to the larger 'U' shapes represent the development of growth of the students. The archways of lines and dots on top of and under the 'U' shapes represent the multilayered and holistic support we provide.

Cultural responsiveness

Facilitating culturally responsive institutions, enabling Aboriginal students to gain ground through their identity, language and culture

The 'U' shapes represent our students, school staff, school leaders, parents, families and communities. It symbolises how cultural responsiveness in all Western Australian public schools is everybody’s responsibility.

The 'U' shapes sitting next to each represents working together and co-design to ensure success for all students.

The circles within circles represent how we are working towards reconciliation and how this must live in the hearts, minds and actions of all of us.

Improve conditions for learning

Schools should provide a safe, integrated environment for the learning and development of all students

The 'U' shapes represent all our students. The arched lines represent how schools provide safe, integrated environments for the learning and development of all students.

Enhance capability

Build on past progress to create empowered teachers who build better futures for students

The circles leading from small to large show the empowerment and growth of teachers who build better futures for all students.

The black and white lines either side of these circles show how teachers are supported by school leaders and the Department of Education WA to develop high quality practices.

This support ensures that all teachers entwine a culture of high performance with a culture of high care.

Meaningful pathways

Developing student skills through education for a successful life

The footprints and the lines represent the many meaningful pathways for students through education for a successful life.

They are all radiating or leading out from the lines and dots which represent the multilayered and multifaceted nature of these pathways.

Facilitate connectedness

Developing a network of connected, autonomous institutions and professionals, sharing excellence in the educational experience of students

This painting represents the networks of connected, autonomous institutions and professionals.

The lines connected them all represent the sharing of excellence in the educational experiences of students.

The green of the background represents the growth from these networks.

Students at the centre

I have created an eighth art piece which sits at the centre.

This artwork represents our students and how they are central to the work we do.