On-site research

On-site research

To conduct research or recruit participants at our schools or sites, you need to comply with our Research Conducted on Department of Education Sites by External Parties policy.

This includes the submission of a research application to us for approval prior to approaching principals or managers to invite their schools or sites to participate in a research project.

The Research Conducted on Department of Education Sites by External Parties policy:

  • recognises the value of quality research and its potential benefit to school education and seeks to ensure the rights, safety, and wellbeing of participants are protected
  • outlines what is expected regarding external research projects.

The policy does not apply to research that meets any of the following criteria:

  • undergraduate student research assignments, below an Honours level, which are confined to one school site and where the research activities are undertaken as part of normal teaching or practical teaching placements. In these cases, you can approach the site manager directly (for example, the principal of the school) without prior approval from us
  • research conducted by our employees, unless the research is conducted as part of a qualification with an external education provider
  • research that has been commissioned by us. However, the policy does apply to recipients of Department funding for research that has not been commissioned by us.

Submit a research application

Our research policy and application form are currently under review.

For all research applications, use the ‘National application form’ available from the Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE)

Use this form if you are a researcher conducting research limited to Western Australia or you are a researcher conducting research across multiple states and territories.

You can find the broad criteria applied by all state and territory education departments in Australia when assessing research applications in the ‘National application guidelines’ which is also available on the AARE website.

Refer to our Policy library to find support materials, such as:

  • sample information letters
  • consent forms
  • a checklist of required information.

Read the instructions carefully when completing each section of the National application form and make sure all required additional documentation is provided.

Email your completed application form to ResearchandPolicy@education.wa.edu.au.

When you submit your application, we will send you an acknowledgement email explaining the next steps and likely timelines for approval.