Advanced Graduate Program for teaching graduates

Advanced Graduate Program for teaching graduates

Access extra benefits by working in one of our regional schools as an advanced graduate.

We are offering high-performing education graduates from WA universities an opportunity to apply for Advanced Graduate Program status and access higher salaries, subsidised rent, and permanency (after 2 continuous years of service) by starting their careers in our regional schools. If accepted, you will receive Advanced Graduate Program (AGP) status. AGP status will identify you as a high-achieving graduate when you apply for teaching positions in the Department of Education. The status will be valid for 12 months following graduation.

It will also give you extra benefits, on top of the usual benefits and allowances for teachers in regional areas.

If you are admitted to the program and take up a contract (between 0.8 full-time equivalent and full-time) outside of the metropolitan area (except for the Indian Ocean Territories schools) for 6 months or more, you will be able to access a range of benefits. Over a 24-month period, you can access:

  • a higher starting salary. Four-year trained graduates (Bachelor’s degree) will start on level 2.2 and Masters graduates will start on level 2.3 of our teacher salaries
  • one extra funded return trip to Perth, or another location in WA, per year (on top of the 2 trips that most regional staff receive)
  • heavily subsidised rent for your Government Regional Officer’s Housing (GROH) accommodation (where GROH is available). This will be available for the second year of your appointment.

After you complete 24 months of continuous service, at a minimum of 0.8 full-time equivalent, in regional schools you will:

  • become a permanent staff member of the Department of Education
  • receive a guaranteed transfer to a job in a metropolitan or country region of your choice (subject to vacancies).

You must start working in a regional school within 12 months of receiving confirmation of your AGP status. 

To be eligible to apply, you must:

  • have completed your initial teacher education studies at a WA university or be in your final semester of study towards an initial teacher education qualification at a WA university
  • have performed to a very high standard in your most recent professional practice placement
  • have completed your university coursework to a high standard
  • be ready to work in a regional public school.

The Advanced Graduate Program application process includes:

  • a written application
  • a short online interview.

You can apply during the last semester of your study towards an initial teacher education qualification. You can also apply up to 6 months after you graduate.  

Your online written application needs to include:

  1. Evidence of high academic achievement in your coursework and professional practice experiences.
  2. Referee details
  3. A cover letter.

The details you’ll need to apply are in our Advanced Graduate Program fact sheet. The fact sheet includes information on how to prepare your written application and about the interview process.

You will be able to find the fact sheet, and submit your written application, via the Advanced Graduate Program advert on JobsWA.

We will assess your online written application. If deemed suitable, you will be invited to participate in an online interview.

This is not an employment pool. To apply for a job, browse our list of current jobs or apply to our Graduate Teacher Pool

A panel of teaching and learning experts will:

  • assess your written application and online interview
  • compare all applications before they make a final decision on who is successful for the program.

The panel will consider current organisational needs across a range of specialist areas (for example, primary teaching or secondary science). This may mean there are different Advanced Graduate Program ‘cut-off scores’ for specialist areas.

If your application is successful, you will receive interim Advanced Graduate Program (AGP) status. You will receive full AGP status after you graduate, and the status is valid for 12 months.

When you apply for a job in a public school, the AGP status will identify you as a high-achieving graduate. AGP status shows you have completed a process that determines you are one of the state’s highest-achieving education graduates. Principals of our regional schools are aware of the skills you have demonstrated to gain this status.

Check out our information about teaching in regional, remote and rural WA or browse our list of current jobs. You can find all teaching vacancies advertised on


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