Apply for a job

Apply for a job

Once you register with us, you can apply for swimming instructor or water safety officer jobs, and relief work.

Before you can apply for jobs, new swimming staff need to register with us.

Once you register and we approve you to work, you can apply for positions in your WAIVS account.

  1. With your existing username and password, log into WAIVS.
  2. To add your preferences, select 'Apply for programs'.
  3. Select the programs you want to register your interest for. For each one, complete these 3 steps:
    • Select the roles you want to apply for.
    • Complete your availability, including ticking the separate checkbox if you’re only available for relief work or adding a note if you’re not available for a whole program.
    • Select the venue you’re available to work at (there is no limit on how many you can choose).
  4. Select ‘Apply’.
  5. Once you complete the step 3 sub-steps for each program you’re interested in, select 'Submit'.

We aim to make job offers 2 weeks before programs start but appointments are ongoing. They can become available after this time.

It’s important your email address is correct because we use it to notify you about offers.

  1. To view the job offer, open the link in your email notification and log into WAIVS.
  2. From the ‘to do’ list on the right-hand side, select the offer of appointment link.
  3. After you review the details of the offer, either accept or reject the offer. You need to complete this action within3 business days of receiving the notification.

Once you accept an offer, it no longer appears in your ‘to do’ list.

To view offers after you accept them, navigate to ‘My details’ in WAIVS and check the ‘Appointments’ tab. This also has the centre supervisor’s contact details.

All your qualifications and clearances need to be current in WAIVS to continue working with us.

You can view and update these in WAIVS. Delete your previous file or attachment. Upload your current qualification or Working with Children Check. 

When you renew your Working with Children Check online, use this information to complete the application. For the:

  • name of organisation where you engage in child-related work, enter ‘Department of Education’
  • job title or role in child-related work, enter ‘swimming instructor’
  • category of child-related work, select ‘04’
  • organisation representative’s email, enter

If you can’t log into your account, select the ‘I forgot my password’ option from the WAIVS login screen.

The page will display 3 options, which are for:

  • Department staff and students
  • existing instructors (instructors who have worked and have a username that starts with ‘E’)
  • new instructors (instructors who haven’t worked before and have a username that starts with ‘P’).

Use the appropriate one to reset your password.

If you don’t know your username, enter your email address to receive instructions to reset your password.

If these steps don’t work or your account locks, call us on 9402 6195.

Contact us

For more information about the training program call 9402 6195 or email