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School teacher roles

Teaching in a public school offers you a rewarding and dynamic career.

You have the opportunity to inspire a passion for learning in young people in a range of interesting and diverse education settings.

You will teach students from a variety of backgrounds and can work in schools across the State. You also have access to professional learning to enhance your teaching skills and provide you with opportunities to further your career.

Early childhood teacher

Early childhood teachers work with children from Kindergarten to Year 3. They are present at the very beginning of a child's journey through school and build the foundations for lifelong learning. They teach many subjects and focus on early numeracy, literacy and social skills. 

If you think you would enjoy working with young children, are flexible and organised and do well across a range of school subjects – you could be an awesome early childhood educator.


Primary school teacher

Primary school teachers work with children from Years 1 to Year 6. Usually they teach one year group across the curriculum or are specialist teachers teaching one subject to many year groups.

If you think you would enjoy working with children, are flexible and organised and do well across a range of school subjects – you could be a fantastic primary school teacher.


Secondary school teacher

Secondary school teachers work with young people from Years 7 to 12. They teach one or more subjects. 

If you think you would enjoy working with young people, and are a great communicator and are flexible and organised – you could be a brilliant secondary teacher.



Heads of learning area and program coordinators

Secondary schools have teacher leadership positions. Heads of learning area and program coordinators may have both teaching and leadership responsibilities. They are curriculum experts and line managers. 

Other teaching specialisations 

Opportunities exist to become a teacher in specialist areas, including:

As a STEM teacher, you can provide students with opportunities to develop the STEM skills they need to compete and adapt in a job market that is constantly evolving. 

Many schools are implementing whole school approaches to STEM education so there are opportunities for primary and secondary qualified teachers.

Our secondary schools deliver a range of academic and vocational subjects to prepare students for their future. With more secondary students participating in STEM courses, there has never been a better time to choose STEM teaching as a career.

There are many opportunities throughout Western Australia with many public schools implementing new languages programs and employing specialist languages teachers. Six key languages have been identified by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority as part of the Western Australian Curriculum: Languages:

  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japanese.

Most schools have chosen one of these languages and employ teachers who can teach one or more of them.

Selected schools run EAL/D programs to help students become proficient in the English language so they can participate successfully in school.

To teach English as an additional language or dialect you must be a qualified teacher and have completed an additional qualification or units in EAL/D.

A number of schools have specialist education support teachers to help students with diverse learning needs. Some schools operate as education support centres and schools. To teach special education needs students you need to be a qualified teacher and have completed education support units.

Our Instrumental Music School Services employs teachers to teach instrumental music in schools. Specialist instrumental teachers teach across primary or secondary schools in the areas of:

  • orchestral
  • concert band
  • contemporary popular band
  • classical guitar instruments
  • voice.

There are many great job opportunities in education.

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