Supporting your child

Supporting your child

It is important that your child is safe at school and also feels safe.

If they feel unsafe at school or have experienced aggression from another student, we recommend you speak with their principal, teacher or another staff member. This is so they can support you and manage the situation.

At your child’s school there are processes in place to ensure they are safe and well supported while they learn.

There are policies to ensure students behave well and respect each other. There are also consequences for those who breach these policies. Students who act violently may be suspended or excluded from school.

Staff can work with your family and support you during this difficult time. They are able to:

  • develop a safety plan specifically for your child
  • seek support from other agencies, support services and community members
  • work with you and your child to identify ways to resolve the issue
  • help identify strategies to cope with the situation
  • provide your child with someone to support them.

School staff have the full support of the Department. They have access to training to know how to manage aggressive students and resources to support families.

If your child needs someone else to speak to about how they feel, they can contact Kids Helpline. It is a free, confidential counselling services for young people.

T: 1800 55 1800

See Cyber safety for information to help your children be safe and responsible online users, and how to report inappropriate content, including fight footage.

Information for young people on the laws about fighting, what can happen if you get in trouble for fighting, can be found at Legal Aid WA.

T: 1300 650 579