Yarning circle welcomes all

Yarning circle welcomes all

19 November 2021

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An inspiring new meeting place, called the Yarning Circle, has been built at the heart of Rangeway Primary School in the Mid-West.

Created as part of the Aboriginal Cultural Standards Framework, the symbol of reconciliation provides a meeting place for students, community groups, assemblies, and is a place to collaborate.

Opening of the Yarning Circle.

The Yarning Circle was built with the help of the students during NAIDOC Week. The students designed and painted leaves which have been used for the trees on the walls surrounding the space.

Rangeway Primary School acting principal Jade Fallon said the space enables everyone to live by the school motto ‘working together.’

“It’s a welcome space where everyone in our community can meet, yarn and build respectful relationships,” Ms Fallon said.

“It’s also a quiet space used for ‘yarning time’ where students are encouraged to listen, take turns and respect differences whilst building relationships.”

The school celebrated the opening of the Yarning Circle with the principal’s welcome, smoking ceremony, student didgeridoo and singing performances, and school staff and students committing to respect the space and environment.