The classroom and beyond

The classroom and beyond

27 October 2023

Public school life

From bustling metro schools to some of the most isolated communities in the state, public school teachers make a significant impact every day on the lives of hundreds of thousands of young people in Western Australia.

World Teachers’ Day is celebrated across Australia today to thank teachers for their skilled work in educating, inspiring and supporting students.

Not only do teachers give their all in the classroom, but they are online connecting with remote students, they are in hospital wards educating sick and injured children, and they are out engaging with the community to provide meaningful opportunities for young people.

To celebrate World Teachers’ Day, we spoke with teachers from far and wide across WA on what they love about teaching in the classroom and beyond.

School of Isolated and Distance Education teacher Raluca Gavriliu:

“One teaching day for me can look as diverse as having students who will be the future Elders in a Kimberley community; students who will be the next farmers and business owners in Kojonup; students from Perth and Christmas Island who are studying maths specialist ATAR to get into medicine; the girl who is the World Champion in female Judo under 16; a girl from Wyndham whose dream is to become a veterinarian; as well as a few ballerinas.

“Nothing is more rewarding than inspiring others to be the best they can be and shape the generation that will look after our beautiful world.

“World Teachers’ Day is to be celebrated to emphasise the beauty of this profession, the crucial role educators play in the world, and the importance of providing a quality, inclusive education for all.”

School of Special Educational Needs: Medical and Mental Health teacher Perry de Lacy:

“It’s difficult to describe what a day might bring in any classroom, and the mental health programs at the School of Special Educational Needs: Medical and Mental Health are no different.

“My teaching approach embodies the belief that every child deserves an education tailored to their unique needs. Most hospitalised students are keen to attend school. They realise the benefits, although I acknowledge that education can be a stress for some students some of the time.

“It’s motivating when I find the students’ optimism. I manage to show them that they can learn a new academic skill they believed was not possible. This belief and seeing these students thrive under difficult circumstances because of my input keeps me in teaching.”

Byford Secondary College teacher Lauren Warschauer:

“Often some of the best teachers go unnoticed as they go above and beyond, diligently dedicating their time to supporting students, without expecting any additional incentives.

“For so many teachers, even a small note of appreciation from a student can mean the world. Hence a day like World Teachers’ Day that advocates for the positive recognition means a lot to educators.”

Kimberley School of the Air teacher Tammi Butters:

“Students living in isolated communities often face geographic barriers that hinder access to traditional educational resources. By providing education to students in these communities, we are bridging this gap and ensuring that geography does not become a barrier to learning.

“World Teachers' Day is an important occasion to celebrate and recognise the vital role that teachers have.

“Teachers work tirelessly to educate, inspire, and shape the future of their students. Recognising teachers’ contributions and achievements empowers us to continue making a positive impact on students’ lives.”

Baynton West Primary School teacher April Lotay:

“Teaching is the most rewarding, dynamic and exciting career. Teaching challenges us to constantly try new things so each child can thrive to be their best. There is no greater reward than seeing a child who was struggling academically, socially and emotionally in Term 1 to being confident with their work they create, interacting with their peers and loving school by Term 4.

“Teachers make a positive difference every day and deserve a special moment to appreciate the role we play in our communities.”