Students on song

Students on song

15 August 2023

Reward and recognition

Remember the names Siena Rebelo and Sophie Lilah.

The Fremantle College students are already making a mark in the music industry with their powerful voices and song-writing skills.

And the teenagers have exciting plans for the future as they pursue their passions while still at school.

The talented pair are part of the school’s Specialist Contemporary Music Program and say it has been a vital part of their journeys so far.

Sophie Lilah performing and playing guitar.

Sophie, an indie-folk artist who is in Year 12, has released three mesmerising songs already this year in ‘Stranger’, ‘Take Back The Power’ and ‘Cups’.

“It (the program) has helped me in every way, just the support and honesty from teachers, it's been really helpful,” Sophie said. “It's a bit difficult to juggle (with school), but with having music every day it makes it a bit easier and having the support from the teachers."

Fellow Year 12 student Siena also praised Fremantle College and said she had been inspired by her peers in the music program, as well as her teachers.

“They had their own bands and stuff and I was very inspired by that,” Siena said. “My music teachers basically were always helping us and supporting us and they really like to pave the pathway for us."

“They just go above and beyond to find opportunities for us. They just make us take the most of those opportunities as well, helping us apply for music festivals and doing things like competitions which really helps build our portfolio.

“I would say it's pretty much shaped my whole entire music crew that I've done. I mean, if I wasn't in the music program, I definitely wouldn’t be doing any of my music.”

Siena started the year by winning the Emerging Artists Award at the 2023 Nannup Music Festival. She has also supported Thelma Plum, The Rions, King Stingray, and will be supporting Teenage Dads on their upcoming WA Tour.

Siena Rebelo performing at the 2023 Nannup Music Festival.

Siena recently filmed a stripped back and intimate solo version of her song ‘Bound By Love’ with Fremantle College’s product crew. Watch the video on YouTube.

“It was just incredible, with all of the students we always work with the production crew, which is entirely made up of music students from our program,” Siena said.

“So whenever we play live performances in school, it's always students doing the live sound production. It was just easy and comfortable with them because, you know they're going do an amazing job.”

Listen to their music on the ABC’s triple j Unearthed website for Siena and Sophie. They are planning to release more music in the coming year, alongside headlining shows and graduating school.