Students’ game design places in national challenge

Students’ game design places in national challenge

24 October 2023

Reward and recognition

An Anzac Terrace Primary School trio have placed second in a national competition for their video game design skills.

The Year 5 team, ‘Sci-Qui’, comprising of students Blake Grabsch, Xavi Woodvine and Jacob Smith, worked together to design their game, ‘The Human Body’, for the Arludo Science Game Design Challenge.

During the challenge, students in Years 3 to 6 are taught how to design a video game, with Arludo’s game designers working with the winner to bring their concept to reality.

The Sci-Qui team comprising of students Blake Grabsch, Xavi Woodvine and Jacob Smith.

Over the course of several weeks, the students chose a science topic that would be the premise of their game, developed their game plan overview, outlined the game mechanics, and then decided what aesthetics the game would have.

Once their design was complete, the students worked on how to write a good pitch and investigated marketing for their final presentation.

Sci-Qui’s game puts the player into the human body, fighting off germs and fixing any bruises or cuts.

Blake said it was great to work in a team to create the game.

“Each team member has their own traits of what they can do. Like they all have their own superpower. It felt reassuring to know that I’m not the only one there,” Blake said.

“I enjoyed coming up with ideas to make our game even more exciting for our imaginary players,” Xavi added.

The whole team were overjoyed to see their game be the only WA school entry that made the top 10.

“I felt excited, happy, proud, too good to be true. I’m very proud of the team,” Jacob said.

The trio flew to Sydney for the gala, where the winner was announced. During their trip the students met researchers, science communicators, and game designers from Arludo and the University of New South Wales.

Out of the 10 finalists, the Sci-Qui team placed second for their game design and won a gift card each and a prize for the school.

The winning team, B.O.R.O.N, is from Seymour College in South Australia.

Read more about the challenge and check out videos from some of the final top 10, including from Sci-Qui.