Paw-fect companion

Paw-fect companion

23 October 2023

Reward and recognition

Holly, the beloved support dog at Woodvale Secondary College, recently claimed a bronze medal in the Animal Award Winner category at the RSPCA WA Animal Welfare Awards.

In a heart-warming ceremony at the Camfield in Burswood, Holly was one of several support animals that were recognised for the role they play in our lives.

Holly the greyhound from Woodvale Secondary College.

Holly, a gentle and friendly rescue greyhound, along with two other support dogs provide emotional support to students at the college.

Teacher Elizabeth Povah says Holly’s soothing presence has helped students feel at ease, especially during stressful times, such as when doing presentations or during exams.

“That’s her superpower, being with the students in the classroom and helping them to achieve their goals and make progress with their work,” Mrs Povah said.

“She helps them with stress and anxiety. If they’re not coping very well with a presentation, she will go and stand next to the student to support them.”

“Not only does she help students in the classroom, but she also encourages attendance at school, as the students just love seeing her every day.”

Winning the bronze medal in animal welfare at the RSPCA WA Awards highlights the exceptional work being done by Holly and the school community in creating a caring and supportive environment.

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