Enrol in VacSwim

Enrol in VacSwim

Enrolments open soon for our October programs. Read all this information carefully to make sure your family has the best possible VacSwim experience.

To find out what stage your child has achieved, check their last issued certificate or make an assessment. There are minimum skills and age requirements for a child to enter a stage or award. Lessons are available for children from 5 to 17 years of age. You may need to provide a birth certificate as proof of age.

New families

If you don't already have a WAIVS account, you need to register for one.

  1. Register for a WAIVS account.
    • You can register at any time throughout the year, regardless of when enrolments open. Once you register your family, you won’t need to register in future years.
  2. Receive an email with a unique username and password.
  3. With the username and password, sign into WAIVS.
  4. Enter details for you and your children. Once you complete the registration process, you are ready to enrol.

Once you have registered for a WAIVS account, follow the steps below.

Returning families
  1. With your username and password, log into your WAIVS account.
    • If you have a concession card, submit it for validation at least 5 business days before program enrolments close.
    • You can add additional children at any time on the 'Family details' page. You need to do this before you start your enrolment.
  2. Select a program.
    • When you enrol your child for a metropolitan program, you must select 2 venue preferences. We allocate a place for your child at the second venue if lessons are full at your first preference or there is an unplanned closure at a venue.
  3. Make an online payment with a credit card (VISA or Mastercard).
  4. Receive email confirmation of your online enrolment.

You can also find your enrolment details in the ‘Enrolments’ tab in the ‘Current enrolments’ section on WAIVS.

To make changes or withdraw, manage your enrolment.

For your child to have the best VacSwim experience, extra support and considerations may be necessary. If your child has additional needs, indicate this when you complete an online or postal enrolment.

After you complete your enrolment:

  1. Fill in the VacSwim child with additional needs form.
  2. Email it to vacswim@education.wa.edu.au.

We use this information to best support your child by:

  • arranging smaller class sizes, where applicable
  • supporting you to arrange suitable supervision. 
Medical conditions with possible loss of consciousness

If your child has or is at risk of any medical condition which involves periodic loss of consciousness, you need to either:

  • provide a medical certificate less than 12 months old that says it’s safe for your child to take part and outlines any conditions which need to be met
  • arrange supervision by a caregiver to make it safe for your child to take part.

Email medical certificates to vacswim@education.edu.au.

You don’t need to submit a medical certificate for children with diabetes because they already require supervision by a caregiver.

Family discounts

You receive a family enrolment discount for 3 or more immediate family members, or a blended family living permanently at the same address.

Organise enrolments for extended family (for example, cousins) or friends separately, using a different username.


You can receive a discount with your concession card through our enrolment system, WAIVS.

To receive a discount, you must submit your concession card for validation before you enrol. Complete this process at least 5 days before enrolments for the program close. To find out when enrolments close, check the dates on programs and locations

  1. Sign into your WAIVS account.
  2. On the 'Family details' page, select the ‘Concession’ tab.
  3. If there is an existing file or upload, delete it first. Upload a clear scan or photo of your concession card.
  4. Choose the card type.
  5. Enter the number and validity dates.
  6. Select ‘Save’.

You will receive a response by email. If your concession is valid, you can now enrol your child at the discounted price with your:

  • companion card
  • Commonwealth seniors health card
  • Department of Veterans' Affairs gold, white or orange card
  • health care card
  • seniors card from another Australian state or territory
  • pensioner concession card
  • state concession card
  • WA seniors card.
Group enrolments

You receive a group ID number when you enrol your child. Find this on your receipt. You can share this with friends or family if you want your children to attend together.

Your friends or family need to include this group ID number on their enrolments. Groups are limited to 6 children.

We consider all requests. We schedule grouped children as close together as we can. Given the size and complexity of our program, this isn’t always possible.

Enrol extended family or friends

If you want to enrol children other than your immediate family, call us on 9402 6412 or email vacswim@education.wa.edu.au.

We will make you a ‘family coordinator’ in the online system, WAIVS. Once we activate this account option, you can register the details of additional families.

Complete the family contact and children’s details in the same way you did your own registration then select and purchase enrolments for each family separately. Discounts apply to families of 3 or more children.

You receive all receipts and notifications for the family enrolments you coordinate to the email address you provide.

If you can’t enrol online, you can enrol by post:

  1. Download the VacSwim postal enrolment form.
  2. Fill one form in for each program you wish to enrol your children in.
    • When you enrol your child for a metropolitan program, you must select 2 venue preferences. We allocate a place for your child at the second venue if lessons are full at your first preference or there is an unplanned closure at a venue.
  3. You can either:
    • post the completed form with your payment details
    • drop the completed form with the exact amount of cash (in person only) to us at 33 Giles Avenue in Padbury.

We must receive your enrolment before the program enrolment closing date. To find out when enrolments close, check the dates on programs and locations

We cannot guarantee late enrolments. They may only be offered at limited programs and locations. You may be able to access a late enrolment if there are vacancies available at a location after enrolments close.

You can only complete a late enrolment in person on the advertised dates at the advertised times and locations.

Late enrolments are on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no guarantee stages or timeslots will be available.

We share the details of locations accepting late enrolments about 1 to 2 weeks before programs start. Check our website closer to this date for more information.

Stage changes get priority over late enrolments.

Contact us

Call us on 9402 6412 or email vacswim@education.wa.edu.au if you:

  • don’t receive email confirmation of your online enrolment the same day you submit it
  • have difficulty processing a payment
  • need help to register
  • have any questions about WAIVS or enrolment.