Ed Talks WA podcast series

Ed Talks WA podcast series

Join us for Ed Talks WA, a podcast series featuring inspiring and thought-provoking guests, with surprising stories and conversations that focus on the world of education.

Episode 6 with former tennis pro, turned author, Jelena Dokic

In Jelena Dokic's own words, "the least interesting thing about me is tennis". The former tennis prodigy was forced to deal with more as a young person than any one person should endure during a lifetime. And now she has found her voice through words.

Transcript and notes coming soon. 14 May 2024.

Episode 5 with world-leading autism researcher, Professor Andrew Whitehouse

Professor Whitehouse explains 'Inklings', a life-changing program for babies aged 6-18 months who are showing early differences in social interaction and communication development. He explains that if we change the way we connect with babies, we can change their whole lives.

Show transcript and notes. 26 April 2024.

Episode 4, a 'top 10' with retiring Department executive member, Kevin O'Keefe

Kevin O'Keefe is preparing for his third and, probably, final attempt at retirement. He has spent 53 years in public education, as a teacher, principal, executive director and, more recently, as a member of the Department's corporate executive, advising on ways to improve education outcomes for Aboriginal people.

Show transcript and notes. 28 March 2024.


Episode 3 with CEO of Youth Focus, Derry Simpson

CEO of Youth Focus, Derry Simpson joined us to explain how they support WA's young people, with more than 40% of those aged 12 to 25 being diagnosed with mental health illnesses but only half those receiving help. Find out how you can help by supporting the annual Ride for Youth.

Show transcript and notes. 12 March 2024.


Episode 2 with school psychologist consultants, Sarah Papaelias and Brendan Everett

School psychologist consultants, Sarah Papaelias and Brendan Everett joined us to provide tips to families with younger students who are starting school for the first time, including managing nerves and accessing support.

Show transcript and notes. 26 February 2024.


Episode one with Dr Zali Yager from The Embrace Collective

Dr Zali Yager joined us to discuss the classroom program she's created so that WA teachers can help students love their bodies. She also explains how she and her team aim to help one million Australian kids with body image in just one year.

Show transcript and notes. 5 October 2023.


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