2021 Premier’s Anzac Student Tour

2021 Premier’s Anzac Student Tour

The fourteen successful student ambassadors for the 2021 Premier's Anzac Student Tour have been announced.

These students from 12 secondary schools in Western Australia will travel around the State in commemoration of the Anzac legacy.

Amalgamated with the 2020 tour, they will travel to Kununurra, Broome, Rottnest and Albany from 16-26 April 2021. The historical education program focuses on: 

  • the Anzac legacy in the context of Western Australia’s pastoral heritage; 
  • nation building between the wars; and 
  • defence of the home-front during World War II.

Students will visit important historical sites including the flying boat wrecks in Broome, the Oliver Hill battery and tunnels on Rottnest, the Special Air Service Regiment Museum at Campbell Barracks, and the State Library of Western Australia to explore the military collection items.

They will then commemorate Anzac Day by attending the dawn service at the Desert Mounted Corps Memorial on Mount Clarence in Albany.

Student participants

Congratulations to the 2021 Premier's Anzac Student Tour participants!

Photo of Jack Watters.Jack Watters
Year 10, Applecross Senior High School

Jack Watters enjoys all subjects but shows a special interest in Science and Health and Physical Education. For the past four years, Jack has played trumpet with his school’s concert band. During this year’s COVID-19 ‘Driveway Dawn Service’, Jack played the Last Post for his neighbourhood. Outside school, Jack enjoys football and athletics, representing Western Australia at multiple national competitions. In the future, Jack intends on pursuing a career as a physiotherapist.

Photo of Aaliyah Ebrahim.Aaliyah Ebrahim
Year 11, Australian Islamic College
(previously Melville Senior High School)

Aaliyah Ebrahim participates in the Gifted and Talented program. While she enjoys most subjects, English and History are particular favourites. As an Australian Air Force Cadet, Aaliyah undertakes flying, field craft, drill and ceremonial activities, and achieved the rank of Corporal in 2019. Aaliyah is a Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award participant who enjoys charity work, volunteering, and visual arts. She is eager to gain insight to the sacrifices of Australian service personnel and pay homage to their legacy.

Photo of student Darcy Reid.Darcy Reid
Year 10, Bunbury Senior High School

Darcy Reid participates in the Gifted and Talented Program and the Specialist Music Program. Darcy enjoys all subjects and has a passion for History, for which he has received multiple awards. Darcy participates in his school’s Senior Concert Band and Jazz Band as a trombone player. Darcy’s great-great-grandfather, Clifton Thomas Ballingall, fought on the Western Front as a Battery Sergeant Major in the 3rd Australian Medium Trench Mortar Battery where he received a Distinguished Conduct Medal in WWI. His grandfather, Ronald William Reid, fought in the 106th Field Artillery Battery during the Vietnam War.

Samuel Cameron
Year 10, Central Midlands Senior High School

Samuel Cameron enjoys History, sport and Maths, and has received awards for outstanding academic achievement. Out of school, Samuel enjoys playing many sports especially footy where he enjoys the team dynamics as well as the game itself. Samuel has a number of relatives who have served in the Australian Defence Force including John Thomas Bell who served in the 4th Australian Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, and Alec William Cowden who served in the Royal Australian Navy aboard a number of ships including the Yundra in WWII.

Aleesya Amirizal
Year 10, Champion Bay Senior High School

Aleesya Amirizal studies Maths, Science and Humanities through the Gifted and Talented Online program. She plays clarinet in her school's band. Aleesya is dedicated to netball, and was a member of her school’s 2019 Country Week team. She also enjoys studying HASS, especially History. Aleesya has immense respect for those who have served, and greatly values how determined, hopeful and good-spirited they were despite enduring difficult situations.

Max Simmons
Year 11, Dalyellup College

Max Simmons applies himself in every subject, and takes special interest in History and Geography. His hobbies focus on exploring the outdoors, with mountain bike riding being a particular favourite. Both Max’s great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather served in the Australian Defence Force and survived WWII and WWI respectively.

Maya Gibson
Year 10, Denmark Senior High School

Maya Gibson is a member of the Specialist Basketball program. Maya studies English and HASS with the Gifted and Talented Online program and particularly enjoys the History component of HASS. Maya’s two great-uncles fought in WWI: George Henry Bracknell in the highly regarded 11th Australian Infantry Battalion and Leonard Arthur Bracknell in the 51st Infantry Battalion. They both departed Fremantle on 2 November 1915 aboard the HMAT Ulysses A38 for the battlefields of Europe where George unfortunately died of wounds in August of 1916 while Leonard returned to Australia at the war’s end in 1918.

Photo of Samuel Carter.Samuel Carter
Year 10, Karratha Senior High School

Samuel Carter studies Humanities, English, Mathematics and Science through the Gifted and Talented online program. He enjoys all his subjects and has a particular interest in History, for which he has received several academic awards. Samuel values his school community and is a House Captain, where he promotes engagement and wellbeing among students. Samuel has a number of family members who have served in the Australian Defence Force, including a great-grandfather who served as a Leading Aircraftman in the Royal Australian Air Force during World War II.

Sophie Taylor
Year 10, Methodist Ladies' College (previously Karratha Senior High School)

Sophie enjoys all subjects at school and has studied Humanities with the Gifted and Talented Online Program for the last 3 years. Outside school, Sophie is involved in both BMX and mountain biking, and has been a member of both the State and national teams which involved travelling to the BMX World Championships in Azerbaijan in 2018. Sophie volunteers as a junior coach. Family members from both sides of Sophie’s family were involved in WWI and WWII in the Air Force and Navy. Sophie’s paternal great-grandfather was a prisoner of war in Singapore during WWII, and she is looking forward to learning more about this theatre of war.

Sacha Bell
Year 10, Mount Lawley Senior High School

Sacha Bell participates in the Academic Enrichment program, and is a Senior Cadet in the Mount Lawley Bush Rangers. Sacha is the house captain for Hackett and has spent 5 years in the Scouting movement, participating in a trip to Adelaide with Scouts from all over Australia, as well as multiple Anzac Day and Remembrance Day vigils and ceremonies. Sacha is interested in investigating the connection between Australian Soldiers, nurses and communication workers.

Alana Gregory
Year 9, St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School

Alana studies extension courses in Maths, English, Humanities and Science. She enjoys all subjects, particularly History and Biology. Alana enjoys singing as well as playing the flute, and is involved in school bands, ensembles and choirs. Alana’s great-great-grandfather, Wilhelm Asmus, was held on the Rottnest Island internment camp during World War I due to his German heritage. Wilhelm’s brother and nephew fought for Germany during the Great War. Alana’s great-uncle, Private John Alexander Latto, was killed in action while fighting in the 11th Australian Infantry Battalion, and her grandfather, Captain Roger Blazey, was conscripted during the Vietnam War to serve as an Army Psychologist.

Grace Hailes
Year 10, St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School

Grace Hailes enjoys all subjects with particular interest in History, English and Science, which she studies within the Gifted and Talented Program. Grace represents her school in interschool debating and has been in several Drama productions. Grace’s great-grandfather, Vernon Woods, was an Australian solider who served in the 2/28th Australian Infantry Battalion. His wife, Molly Woods, was a Women’s Army spotlight girl working in Fremantle. Grace’s three great-uncles - Basil, Walter and Ian MacPherson – served New Zealand in WWII. Basil was a radio operator in the Signals division of the 4th Field artillery; Walter served in the J-Force in Japan and Ian MacPherson served in North Africa with his brother, Basil.

Lucy Lonnqvist
Year 11, St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School

Lucy Lonnqvist has a strong passion for Humanities subjects. She is currently studying ATAR History, Economics, and Politics and Law. In her spare time, Lucy undertakes historical inquiries and research projects, and has been the recipient of numerous National History Challenge awards. Lucy aims to pursue her passion for international relations with the goal of becoming a diplomat and representing Australia’s interests overseas.

Isabella Hulm
Year 9, St Norbert College

Isabella Hulm has received numerous academic awards and her favourite subjects include English, Drama and HASS. She proudly represents her school in Tournament of Minds, the Aurecon Bridge Building Challenge, SciTech Challenge Days, Dockers Cup Girls’ Football and the Junior Drama Club. Isabella is a Student Representative Council member, and she contributes to the Magdeburg House Committee. Isabella is currently researching her great-great-grandfather, Arthur Cecil Frost, who served and was injured in WWI.

Tour supervisors

They will be joined by three supervising teachers and the tour coordinator:

  • Mr Tony Granich, Hampton Senior High School
  • Ms Emily Donders, Rossmoyne Senior High School
  • Ms Kate Akerman, State Library of Western Australia
  • Ms Samantha Boswell, Tour Coordinator, Department of Education

Students were required to prepare an extended written response of no more than 1000 words on the following topic:

What should we believe when accounts of the same historical event are in conflict?

Using supporting evidence of a Western Australian individual, community or group from Australian military history, present your explanation of this conflict.

Applications are closed for 2020.

Schools conduct their own selection process and can nominate up to three students in each of the two categories of Years 8 and 9, and Years 10 and 11. Students entering need to display:

  • a genuine interest in the Anzac experience
  • an appreciation of the study of history
  • excellent interpersonal skills and self-confidence
  • a willingness to share their tour experiences (if selected) in their school and local community.
To be eligible, all entrants require a nominating teacher and endorsement by the principal to confirm their suitability to represent their school, community and the State as a youth ambassador on the 2021 Premier’s Anzac Student Tour.

Submitted entries are judged by a selection panel. Dates for 2021 have not yet been released.

  • Applications open: To be advised 
  • Applications close: To be advised
  • State finalists advised: To be advised
  • State finalist group discussions: To be advised 
  • Announcement of successful students: To be advised
More information

Curriculum Support
E: anzactour@education.wa.edu.au
T: 9402 6422