Who run the track? Girls!

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08 March 2024

In the news Reward and recognition

Four female students passionate about STEM are gearing up to compete in an F1 challenge in Adelaide.

The team, Remus Racing, from Joseph Banks Secondary College is travelling to the F1 in Schools STEM Challenge National Finals next week where they will race a small car they designed and built. 

The team met with experts in the STEM industry. 

As part of the challenge, the Year 10 students also form a race team with an engineer, business manager and graphic designer allowing them to learn well-rounded STEM, design, business, teamwork, communication, and marketing skills.

Throughout the process, the team has engaged with leaders in the STEM community and industry experts to learn more about engineering and design and discover tertiary pathways.

The trip to the national championship in Adelaide follows the students’ success in 2023 when they won the state title and were awarded fastest lap.

Speaking to ABC Perth, Joseph Banks Secondary College student Eden, who wants to pursue a career in heavy diesel mechanics, said the car travelled up to 80km/h in 0.42 seconds during trials.

“It is propelled by a CO2 canister that goes in the back of the car. Then when it is put on the race track a pin pricks the back of it and it shoots off to the finish line,” Eden said.

Her teammate Maya said they modelled their car off real F1 vehicles.

“We also went to Edith Cowan University where they have actual real life race cars and that is where they gave us lots of tips to what we can put on these,” Maya said.

“I’m hoping we see a gold medal (in Adelaide). Last time was really good because we won so many different things and it was awesome to see. Hopefully it is the same this time. It is also good to see the other teams that have good sportsmanship, they are very nice.”

Joseph Banks Secondary College discovery learning leader Mike Spanier said the school ran several innovative STEM programs.

“This is the sort of project I wish I had when I was at school,” he said.

Students Maya and Eden are excited to travel with the team to South Australia. 

“It is a fantastic effort. I am very proud of all four of them. They have exceptional leadership skills and teamwork skills.

“They did really well at the state finals and now they are in the nationals.”