WA Primary School of the Year 2019

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Be the best you

Caladenia Primary School
WA Primary School of the Year 2019

“The greatest legacy a school can have is students graduating with the emotional intelligence and academic ability to make a difference in the world,” exclaims Caladenia Primary School Principal Edward Nastasi.

Caladenia Primary School is a place of collaboration where staff strive to create a productive, positive and rewarding climate in which the community learns and grows.

Located in Canning Vale, nearly two thirds of the school’s 890 students come from a non-English speaking background with more than 60 languages spoken by its families.

“A large percentage of these students speak little to no English when they arrive at our school – parents struggle to speak English and find it hard to communicate with us well,” Edward says.

A webpage was developed for the school which enables multi-lingual interpretation and keeps parents up to date with notices, events and newsletters through interpreted versions in their home language.

“Caladenia Primary School is a perfect example of how different people can live together, work together and learn together,” he says.

Caladenia Primary School is one of only two schools pioneering Multi-Age Academic Classes across Western Australia.

This innovative learning structure provides students with transferable skills of questioning and critical thinking, effective communication and collaboration, leadership, initiative and ingenuity, and the ability to purposely use technology.

The school is renowned for the leadership opportunities it provides students as young as six in the whole-school student council.

Caladenia is home to junior and senior choirs, a rock band and an orchestral band. The school’s music program is run in partnership with parents and staff, who all understand that music helps students improve academically.

“The enthusiasm and quality of music in the school is a direct result of a strong and supportive synergy between staff, students and parents to provide the best possible outcome for all students,” Edward says.

Another high quality program available for students is Visual Arts, where pieces of artwork are produced every day in conjunction with developing and implementing whole school activities such as NAIDOC week.

The school’s Early Intervention Program is also highly regarded among a variety of parents, businesses, government agencies and teachers.

“They all believe we are making the transition to school a much easier process for all students and parents,” he says.

The Early Intervention Program carries out ‘Readiness’ sessions with parents and future Kindergarten students to help familiarise themselves with Kindergarten including the types of activities they will be involved in.

Edward advises students to make good choices and don’t give in to peer pressure.

“Be you and don’t do things because someone wants you to – this will lead you to focus on the good things in life and your future success should be realised,” he says.

Caladenia Primary School’s motto, ‘Being the best that you can be’ is the most important advice they would like their students to get out of their education at Caladenia Primary School.

“The motto exemplifies the very nature of what students can be and what they are capable of. This can be the best in academics but also a warm and generous person who has the skills to succeed in this fast paced world today. A person who can stand up for right and excuse themselves from negative peer pressures,” Edward says.

The school has built a culture of calm, and strong value-driven relationships between adults and students.

“This is evidenced on a daily basis in our school and our students have now become self-regulating students in their behaviours,” Edward says.

The staff are passionate about making a lasting impact on students’ lives and their future endeavours. They exclaim, “we all take responsibility for the education of our students”.

WA Primary School of the Year 2019

This award recognises primary schools that focus intently on the learning and development of students from the start of their schooling experiences through to early adolescence. Innovative approaches, community partnerships, strong leadership and commitment to professional learning shape the positive and inspirational culture of these schools.

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