Vicki McKeown

Asset Publisher

“I pledge a commitment to inclusion and enjoy sharing my experience and learnings with other schools and communities.”

Vicki McKeown

Coodanup College

Known for taking calculated risks in order to achieve great outcomes for her students, Vicki has led Coodanup College through significant and important change.

She is steadfast in her belief that all students deserve equal opportunity and are capable of success.

Vicki’s strategic approach has resulted in the college making gains in all aspects of system data and has developed a positive learning culture.

Staff regard Vicki as a responsive leader and as such, she has fostered the support of the wider community, with student enrolment growth representative of the reputation the college has gained in recent years.

Vicki takes pride in the relationships and partnerships she has forged to benefit her students. She pledges a commitment to inclusion and enjoys sharing her experience and learnings with other schools and communities.

In her change project, Vicki examined the identification of effective leaders with key personal attributes.