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18 December 2023

Reward and recognition

Many Year 12 graduates have been waiting with bated breath in anticipation of their ATAR results being released, and over the weekend, nine public school students celebrated with the highest possible score.

That mark of 99.95 was achieved by students from Willetton Senior High School, Perth Modern School, Churchlands Senior High School and Rossmoyne Senior High School.

Perth Modern School Dux of the year, Lillie Sartori said she was shaking when she opened her results and even let out a few screams. 

The WA public school students with an ATAR of 99.95.

“I was overjoyed by my results. I’m so proud that I was able to maintain discipline throughout the year and achieve this surprising result,” she said.

“I knew going into Year 12, it was going to be a difficult year, but I really wanted to maintain all of my friendships, and make sure I was never distant or isolated from my support network.”

Speaking to WA Today, Willetton Senior High School student Ananya Sanivarapu said she was surrounded by family when she found out.

“I was ecstatic when I found out my score,” she said.

“I have already been offered a spot at university in America, studying AI and computer science at Columbia.”

“It starts in September, and I am excited to have a break and spend some time with family before I go, and maybe go on vacation to India.

Perth Modern School student Chau Tran was feeling nervous and was alone in her room when she logged onto the Tertiary Institutions Service Centre (TISC) website to find her results.

“Then when I saw the results with my eyes, I screamed,” she said.

“My family came running into my room and we were all ecstatic.”

“Year 12 was definitely a challenging year, especially with the workload. My teachers were supportive, not just with my school content, but with my own personal challenges.”

“They always had my best interests at heart and were there to listen and help.”

WA public school students with an ATAR of 99.95

Ananya Sanivarapu - Willetton Senior High School

Chau Tran - Perth Modern School

Hanlin Shao - Perth Modern School

James Small - Churchlands Senior High School

Kelly Chen - Rossmoyne Senior High School

Lillie Sartori - Perth Modern School

Max Wu - Perth Modern School

Rachel Cheong - Willetton Senior High School

Teresa So-Yeon An - Willetton Senior High School