Subiaco Primary School

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A vibrant community space

“The community has benefited from the provision of local produce and have a vibrant place to meet.  The Subiaco Farmers Market is an outstanding community attraction, fostering positive school community relationships.”
Carolyn Press, Principal Subiaco Primary School

Subiaco Primary school has worked with Subi Farmers Market to develop a formal agreement to use their school grounds for a farmers markets every Saturday.

The school’s farmers market was established in 2010. The market is run by the Subi Farmers Market Committee, an independent not-for-profit organisation.

Revenue received from the markets is spent on providing additional school resources and facilities, which have greatly benefitted the students.

On occasion, Subiaco Primary School students participate in the promotion of healthy eating at the market. The Subiaco community is a huge supporter of the market and enjoys being able to purchase quality local produce in a social atmosphere.

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