Shredding with the pros

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08 May 2024

Public school life

Half-mindfulness and half-pipe; students from Tom Price Senior High School recently participated in a skateboarding session led by professionals from Perth.

The lesson formed a part of the students’ alternative sports well-being class.  

Under the guidance of the pros, students worked on their balance, while dropping into ramps, and conquering the bowls and half-pipes at the local purpose-built park.  

Skateboarding is more than performing adrenaline-pumping tricks, it’s also a great way to enhance mental well-being, improve coordination and reflexes, and practice patience. 

“Giving students another option, other than traditional Health and Physical Education (HPE) allows students to experience new ways of being physically active,” said Craig Aldridge, the school’s student services co-ordinator. 

“Our goal is to give students exposure to a variety of alternative and inclusive sports whilst also giving them a positive message about trying new things and including and supporting others.” 

Not everyone was a natural, but the chance to learn from the pros was a great introduction to the sport for the students.  

“I learned to ‘drop in’ and push properly,” said student, Abby.  

“The skaters were very helpful and supportive.”  

Check out some of the action below.