Sheoak Grove Primary School, Baldivis

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New experiences for new communities

“It has been wonderful to work with the Baldivis Venom Basketball Club to ensure the best sporting facility we could establish at our new school. It has made a big difference to our new Sheoak Grove Primary School community to have out of school hour options for localised organised sport and activities."
Craig Stanners, Principal, Sheoak Grove Primary School

Sheoak Grove Primary school has worked with Baldivis Venom Basketball Club to develop a formal agreement to use their school basketball courts as the club’s training base.

Baldivis Venom grew quickly, due to the increasing population in Baldivis and the popularity of the game.  The club had outgrown their other training venues and required new facilities to train. A representative from the club, approached the school to establish the relationship before we had even opened.

"Our students have somewhere very local to play organised basketball within excellent facilities," says Principal Craig Stanners.

"This gives them opportunities within walking distance of their homes, which is often difficult in brand new communities.

"Our school has a tremendous relationship with this community group, with the community having a presence after school hours and during school holidays."

The club and the school have clearly defined agreements, and both parties ensure that the expectations are met. The basketball club share the school facilities with the Baldivis Districts Netball Club, having the courts on alternate days, while the Baldivis Brumbies Football Club are now using their oval. This cooperation between the clubs has helped to support community group relations.

Top tips for schools and communities considering doing something similar:
  • Consider the benefits of a close working relationship with a broad cross section of your community.
  • Establish clear expectations between the parties, along with workable and predictable routines.
  • Promote the community use of school facilities often, making it clear that the school really values these healthy relationships with its community.

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