Rick Firns

Asset Publisher

In a career spanning over 30 years in Western Australian public education, Rick feels privileged to have led school environments, people and communities.

Rick Firns


Principal Advisor
Complex Cases

Currently, Rick is Principal Advisor, Complex Cases, where he provides leadership and guidance in reporting, monitoring and placement for some of our most vulnerable students in Western Australian public schools.

Rick is committed to forming and sustaining meaningful and reciprocal relationships with staff and students and values teamwork and cooperation. He leads by example and communicates challenging yet realistic performance standards whilst promoting teamwork and consistency.

Particularly, Rick enjoys opportunities for engaging, motivating and inspiring schools and staff to achieve and aspire to attaining standards which demonstrate evidence-based accountability, driving targeted results.

For his change management project, Rick explored the topic of Sustainability in Education. The purpose of this project was to design and develop a Sustainability Framework that outlines the Department of Education’s position statement in regards to environmental sustainability. The Framework will guide future actions to ensure sustainable practices are planned for and embedded across the education system curriculum, operations and infrastructure.