Pam Pollard

Asset Publisher

“I am passionate about providing as many interesting and positive learning situations for students as possible.”

Pam Pollard

Principal, Victoria Park Primary School

Over the past 10 years, Pam has built professional learning communities to meet the academic, behavioural, social and emotional needs of students.

As principal of Victoria Park Primary School, and before that Beeliar Primary School, Pam has developed a strong distributed leadership approach. She refines and reviews this approach to ensure it meets the changing contexts of the school.

She supports teachers through mentoring and collaborative planning to design and deliver high quality teaching and learning opportunities to students. She works with staff to make judgements about the standards of student achievement and the effectiveness of school processes. She leads school planning and maximises the use of data to set strategic and operational targets that inform classroom practice

Her knowledge of the curriculum is sought by schools wanting to enhance student learning. She has worked with schools to develop whole-school planning models that focus on teacher observation and feedback and shares her skills in this area. She also applies her knowledge of the learning of gifted students across the region.