On the Wright track

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29 April 2024

Reward and recognition

Connor Wright, a Year 11 student from Bunbury High School, has already established himself as a biking champion, but there is no sign of a brake in his career anytime soon.

The 16-year-old VET (Vocational Education and Training) student is in the school's BEST (Bunbury Elite Sports Training) program that helps students to maximise their potential in sports and sports science, which Connor has certainly been doing. 

Connor Wright.

At just six years old, he was doing kids’ fun triathlons and discovered that cycling was his strong suit, which eventually led him to mountain biking.  

From there, he progressed to state school level, then onto nationals. In each the past five years he has taken home the national championship for his age category.  

Connor’s successes haven’t stopped there. Last year he was selected to race for the Trek Shimano Australian Race Team. 

Connor’s recent trip over east saw him claim the Oceania Championship, the Australian Championship Cross Country Olympic Course, the Cross Country Short Course and the Cross-Country Relay, all in a weekend’s work. 

If that wasn’t enough, he also recorded the fastest lap time over the whole weekend. 

“My trip over east was so amazing and beneficial to my career,” Connor said. 

“There was so much media coverage and hype.  

“[I] felt quite professional and could see my career path unfolding.” 

Connor has set himself lofty goals, one day hoping to represent Australia at the Olympics Games and the International World Cup - Mountain Bike.  

“[I’d] like to race some International races; who knows maybe a Tour de France!” he said.  

He’s well on his way, having been selected to compete in Europe in the Australian Junior Development team. 

“[This is] a huge step for me. I am so excited, proud, happy and grateful,” he said. 

“Watch this space”.