Nicole Hanna

Asset Publisher

“My focus is on enhancing communication and building staff capacity through instructional and collegial feedback to benefit students.”

Nicole Hanna

Principal, Marangaroo Primary School

As principal at Marangaroo Primary School since 2016, Nicole embraces the National Quality Standard for early childhood education, uses academic data to build student capacity, and sets the agenda for effective and contemporary teaching and learning practice.

In her previous role as principal at East Kalgoorlie Primary School, Nicole focused attention on the pastoral care of Aboriginal students, developed an early years program and speech and occupational therapy program. In 2015 Nicole was WA Primary School Leader of the Year and was also a finalist in the Department’s Women of Achievement Award.

Nicole’s change project looked at different models of student service delivery in complex primary schools. In identifying effective models, she explored approaches, communication strategies and tools and made recommendations to enhance and refine these models. Nicole identified points in the process where monitoring and feedback were required at case, school and system levels, and recommended mechanisms to be put in place.