Neil Hunt

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“Instructional and innovative leaders will see far greater outcomes for students.”

Neil Hunt

Principal, Churchlands Senior High School

As principal of Churchlands Senior High School for the last 15 years, Neil has developed a vibrant school community based on a clear commitment to student success. He has set up a learning culture with a focus on shared practice, and an emphasis on collaboration, reflection and improvement.

Under his leadership, the Churchlands Art of Teaching program was established based on the belief that the teacher is the most important factor in student progress. He also developed a unique senior management structure that has since been used by other schools.

Neil’s change project targeted the role of principals in large secondary schools and how they can engage and develop the instructional leadership capacity of middle management teams. He looked at the idea of identifying and building the leadership skills of principals so they nurture and create more effective middle managers who, in turn, ensure their teachers maximise the education outcomes of students.