Narrogin hockey showdown

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09 November 2023

Public school life

Narrogin Senior High School students in Years 8 to 10 recently squared off against the local law enforcers in a game of hockey. 

The event not only provided a positive connection between the students and members of the local police force, but also delivered an exciting game of hockey.  

Narrogin Senior High School students and local police force. Photo: Daniel Rooney

Despite the gap in age and experience, the students displayed exceptional skill and determination, giving their all on the field.  

Year 9 student Cassie Coppock spoke highly of the friendly competition.  

“We were sussing them out for the first half, but they were more competitive than we thought they would be,” she said.  

“There was a little bit of banter, but it was all in good spirit. It was great.”  

Although the police won, 5 to 1, there was nothing but smiles from both sides after the match, that served as an excellent warm-up for the students, gearing them up for the upcoming hockey season.  

Narrogin Senior High School students on the field. Photo: Daniel Rooney

The teams came together for a post-game sausage sizzle and to celebrate the performances on the field.  

Having been received so well, plans are already in place for the community match to become an annual event, with a goal of further strengthening bonds between local law enforcement and students.