Mike Morgan

Asset Publisher

“A strong advocate for building cultures of self-reflection and action, I believe that lifelong learning is the key to excellence.”

Mike Morgan

Principal, Shenton College

As principal of Shenton College, Mike has strategically led the school to be a consistently top performing school for students’ academic and vocational performances. He was WA Secondary Principal of the Year in 2013, the same year the school won WA Secondary School of the Year, and a teacher was awarded WA Beginning Teacher of Year. As a network principal, Mike has lent his leadership experience to colleagues to focus on high quality education delivery and reflective practices.

Mike is currently leading the development of a comprehensive school leadership strategy to meet the unique needs of the public school system in Western Australia. He brings to this role an unwavering commitment to excellence, his own rigorous pursuit of high standards and a passion for public education.

Mike’s change project identified the leadership development opportunities that best create the skillsets and mindsets of teacher team leaders. He looked at secondary schools that are making a significant difference by empowering and developing instructional leadership in their teaching teams and developing their team leaders. Through his observations he has been able to determine the shared and key aspects to teaching team leader development.