Merrilee Wright

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Merrilee has comprehensive experience as a respected and reflective school and system leader.

Merrilee Wright

Gwynne Park Education Support Centre

Commencing her leadership as a Level 3 Classroom Teacher and through subsequent roles as principal, past-President of the WA Education Support Principals and Administrator’s Association, past Western Australian representative to the Australian Special Education Principals Association and member of Department of Education, cross-sectoral and School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) advisory groups, she has contributed to the collaborative development of inclusive strategy, policy and practices to further enhance quality education for students at risk and those with special education needs.

Merrilee has demonstrated success in inclusive curriculum design, development and assessment, sharing her expertise in the development and ongoing validations of the SCSA WACE Preliminary Courses and the introduction of the ABLEWA curriculum materials and assessment tools, now implemented across Western Australia’s diverse system of schools.

In her current fixed-term role as Director, Public School Review, Merrilee holds a unique perspective in authentic enquiry and conversation, centring around evidence-based self-assessment and improvement practices, across a breadth of school settings.

For her change management project, Merrilee explored the topic of Teacher Mobility. The purpose of this project was to recognise ongoing complexities in facilitating teaching mobility in regional and remote schools. The objectives of this project aimed to identify strategies and incentives that would increase pre-service teacher attraction to public education, and graduate teacher commencement and retention in regional and remote schools (beyond three years).