Melesha Sands

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“As a public education advocate, I am committed to success for my students, school, network and wider community.”

Melesha Sands

Principal, Swan View Senior High School

As principal of Swan View Senior High School since 2014, Melesha has developed strong collaborative and collegiate relationships with network principals. She is focused on strategic resource deployment and workforce management that foster and support creativity and innovation. She has also established community partnerships as a key part of cultural transformation in the school.

In addition to her role as principal at metropolitan and country secondary schools, Melesha has made valuable contributions as a professional learning consultant and curriculum consultant. She is a role model for women aspiring to develop their leadership skills.

Melesha’s change project honed in on accountability and reporting for the student-centred funding model’s student characteristics (Aboriginality, social disadvantage, English as an additional language, and disability). She explored the role of school boards in setting school priorities related to this funding, system expectations of accountability for their funding, and current practices.