Lou Zeid

Asset Publisher

“I actively build my capacity as a school leader to develop others and contribute to school reform and student success.”

Lou Zeid

Principal, Carramar Primary School

Lou is currently principal advisor for the quality teacher support team. He brings his school leadership expertise to work with school leaders who are seeking support to improve performance. The learning of the quality teaching support team, learning informs the system of exemplary practice and success strategies.

Lou has an extensive career as a school leader and an ongoing contributor to school reform As principal of Carramar Primary School, he implemented a process that aligned resources funding and resources that was response to the changing requirements of students with identified educational needs. His work has also supported fellow principals to implement one line budgets as part of the student-centred funding model.

Lou’s change project addressed staff behaviour, and disciplinary and code of conduct matters referred back to a school for local management. He investigated and reviewed policy settings, the code of conduct, regulations and legislation to further support principals in managing staff behaviour and practice.