Lisa Criddle

Asset Publisher

“I am passionate about teaching networks and the positives that come from leaders collaborating together to bring about supported change.”

Lisa Criddle

Allendale Primary School

Lisa’s passionate leadership is typified by her drive for reflective improvement. She brings exceptional professionalism and a multi-faceted approach to cultivating excellence in leadership, within herself and others. The breadth of Lisa’s impact on Allendale Primary School, the Midwest Network and the Geraldton community is nothing short of outstanding.

She initiates an engaging, vibrant and innovative learning community, which actively embraces its motto, ‘Strive to Succeed’. Students, staff and parents are proud of the school’s achievements and reputation in the wider community.

Lisa actively models a lifelong commitment to learning. Being named WA Primary Principal of the Year in 2017 was a career highlight.

For her change project, Lisa explored how the work of Teacher Development Schools helps to build leaders.