Leon Wilson

Asset Publisher

Leon is an innovative, team-oriented school leader with proven success in maximising educational outcomes for students as a result of developing positive school culture where trust and staff wellbeing are paramount; leading clear and systematic curriculum delivery; increasing staff capacity, and; fostering effective community partnerships.

Leon Wilson

Broome North Primary School

He is passionate about student learning, school improvement and public education.

During his time as principal at Broome North Primary School, Leon has effectively led the school through its improvement journey. High-expectation relationships, effective classroom practice, and a move towards instructional program coherence are at the heart of the school’s planning.

For his change management project, Leon explored the topic of Gaining Ground for Aboriginal Students. The project aimed to answer two key questions. First, what could be learned from primary schools who are succeeding in outcomes for Aboriginal students. Second, to ask Aboriginal parents in these schools why they thought the school did well for Aboriginal students, and what they wanted from Education for their Aboriginal children. Findings from each of the three schools involved in this project reported using the headings Leadership, Relationships and Partnerships, Learning Environment, Teaching Quality, and Aboriginal Parent & Community Voice.