Lee Musumeci

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“Leadership is about setting the standards, and engaging and empowering everyone in our goal of improving the life outcomes our students.”

Lee Musumeci

Principal, Challis Community Primary School

As principal of Challis Community Primary School for the past 13 years, Lee has led her team to constantly improve the quality of teaching and extend allied health services for children from birth to Year 6. She has set high expectations and standards, and these have seen students not only thrive but also meet or exceed State average performance.

In recent years, Lee oversees the amalgamation of Challis Early Childhood Education Centre and Challis Primary School. She designed, introduced and trialled a new leadership structure; defined and implemented new leadership roles; established professional learning teams; and negotiated, maintained and sourced new opportunities for funding partnerships.

Acknowledging the importance of children’s learning and development, Lee’s change project focused on maximising the skills and capabilities of education assistants beyond the current role. She explored the opportunities and issues of establishing a new para-professional role including considering the implications for the current job description and industrial instruments.