Kim McCollum

Asset Publisher

“I believe that building strong partnerships and connections with the wider community is a core leadership focus including fostering collaborative partnerships and connections with other schools.”

Kim McCollum

Principal, Warnbro Community High School Education Support Centre 

In her current role as Principal Advisor in the Principal Professional Support Team, Kim supports beginning and newly appointed principals through coaching, mentoring and reflection to build their capacity to bring positive change to their schools and students.

As principal of Warnbro Community High School Education Support Centre since 2011, Kim has developed a shared school vision of striving for excellence and collaborating respectfully to make a difference for students.

Her commitment to providing an innovative and inclusive curriculum has led to outstanding outcomes for students including employment after school, vocational education and training achievement, and literacy success.

She leads rigorous self-assessment and aligns resources to improve student outcomes in learning, health and wellbeing. She harnesses the skills and talents of staff to lead innovative practices, and builds a culture of collaboration and distributed leadership.

Kim has built strong collaborative partnerships and connections with the wider community including businesses, other schools, principals and networks, which serve to build capacity within the school as well as beyond the school.