Keyla Jeffers

Asset Publisher

As an educational leader with 21 years of experience as a principal, Keyla is passionate about the quality of education offered in public schools and upholding the values of Learning, Care, Excellence and Equity.

Keyla Jeffers

Poynter Primary School

Keyla possesses a proven capacity to convert evidence-based education theory and policy into successful practice across a broad range of educational settings to achieve the twin goals of exceptional teaching and successful students. A part of the Department’s Women in Leadership Strategy since its inception, Keyla is particularly passionate in championing the professional development of female educational leaders in Western Australia.

Committed to her personal philosophy of ‘learning for life,’ Keyla has led and participated in a range of significant and important reforms at national, state, regional, district, networks, cluster and school levels. Keyla is currently a Doctor of Education candidate at the University of Western Australia.

For her change management project, Keyla explored the topic Beyond School Review: A Model for School Improvement. The purpose of this project was to investigate a systematic case management model to support schools where post public school review, a rating of Needs Improvement had been identified.

The model establishes three different categories of support; identifies possible roles and responsibilities for the Deputy Director Generals, Directors of Education, Collegiate Principals and principals; sets possible timelines in relation to required actions for each category, and details the case management process for schools depending on the level of support required.