Judith King

Asset Publisher

“I am passionate about investing authority and leadership in others to accomplish a common goal.”

Judith King

East Kalgoorlie Primary School

Creating an environment of open communication, shared responsibilities, accountability and trust, Judith empowers, inspires and motivates others to work as a team toward a shared purpose.

Building relationships with children and addressing the social and emotional learning needs of students is a passion and strength of hers, particularly working with staff to think about behaviour differently.

Her experience includes working with children and families from affluent backgrounds to those living in extreme poverty, providing her with the skills, knowledge and capacity to lead in any educational setting.

Judith engages with schools and their networks to identify and analyse issues; develop and recommend solutions; and broker support services in response to school, department and regional needs.

In recognition of her leadership and innovative practice, Judith was awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 2018.

In her change project, Judith studied mindsets that matter.