Joanne Harris

Asset Publisher

“Leadership is about using the resources to maximum advantage and our ability to monitor and measure student success.”

Joanne Harris

Principal, Greenwood College

Joanne has been principal of Greenwood College since 2009 where she has led the development of a positive school culture through a progressive pastoral care approach. This approach contributes to positive staff and student morale, student behaviour and attendance.

In her current role as principal advisor for the student-centred funding model, Joanne provides professional leadership to principals and their teams in the areas of one line budgets, target setting and evidence-based planning. She has also driven the success of new initiatives and shared skills with colleagues to realise positive outcomes from the implementation of reform initiatives.

Joanne’s change project developed a comprehensive suite of tools to monitor and measure how funding is used in schools. These tools, which link funding to planning and priorities, will enable principals to demonstrate effective use of resources in meeting their schools’ strategic requirements.