Jim Bell

Asset Publisher

“Leadership is about strategic planning and business improvement to enhance student experience and outcomes."

Jim Bell

Principal, Lakelands Primary School

Jim is foundation principal of Lakelands Primary School, which opened in 2013, where he established the school board and engaged members in genuine decision making. This led to requests of support and direction from other school boards/councils. Before this, he was principal of Success Primary School from 2012 to 2013.

He is currently a Director Schools Review, providing guidance and direction for schools undergoing reviews where there are performance concerns.

Jim’s educational leadership is complemented by commercial experience in a large national company where he managed Aboriginal employment strategies and created a leadership framework.

Innovation in practice was the theme of the change project that Jim undertook in partnership with Frank Pansini. They explored innovative school-based practices made possible as a result of the increased flexibility provided by the student-centred funding model and one line budgets. They identified potential innovations in areas such as distributed leadership profiles and structures, and behaviour and attendance of students.