Jenny Hirsch

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“I believe that high quality teaching, and supportive and caring environments are fundamental to improved student performance.”

Jenny Hirsch

Principal, Perenjori Primary School

Jenny has significant knowledge and experience in leading and operating schools in autonomous environments. As principal of Perenjori Primary School, in 2009 she led the school to be selected in the inaugural intake of 34 Independent Public Schools.

She is currently acting principal of Wembley Downs Primary School and before this she was Principal Advisor, Principal Professional Support where she supported newly appointed and beginning principals to develop their leadership capacities and capabilities.

Jenny is passionate about improving the social and academic outcomes of students, and works with parents and school communities to bring about success for their children. She sets high standards, values professional collaboration and engages in shared decision-making to bring about ongoing school improvement and innovation.

She believes in developing leaders and promotes a performance and development culture that ensures the continual professional growth of staff.

Her greatest strength as a school leader is the ability to bring people together as a team, building ownership and a collective commitment to deliver the very best education for students.